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360grassroots is an organization devoted to the revitalization of small towns through the development of intergenerational and mixed-use communities. Our Mission is to preserve and enhance the heritage and character of small towns by providing opportunities for community interaction, balanced & healthy living, and intergenerational educational programs. We believe that revitalizing depressed communities or giving growing communities a stimulus appropriate to the individual community will make them attractive to both families and retirees, creating a well-rounded place to live, work, and play that includes all generations.
After working with several nonprofits and municipalities to create plans for economic revitalization, we have decided to focus on developing resilient, sustainable projects that honor the past while recognizing that the challenges of the future can be met and managed. The Farmstead in Midlothian, our current project, will do just that. Our current need is to fund the continued saving of the historic Anderson farmhouse, our signature element in this unique development, specifically funding the movement of the historic house onto it's site, placing it on a foundation and the completion of a new roof. These expenses are estimated at approximately $100,000....This is our goal for this NTGD, We need your contribution in order to bring this structure back to life. More about The Farmstead: it will be a collection of businesses and programs that promote healthy living, community growth, and our proud heritage. The development will also be a shining example of recycling and preservation of our heritage by housing all of its shops, restaurants, businesses and organizations in distinctively repurposed or replicated historic farm houses, barns and buildings that have been reclaimed and rebuilt with harmony and purpose. With the completion of the Farmstead, we envision a future of social good in Midlothian that can be replicated. Our goal is to help small towns become revitalized, by using existing structures to create a "modern Main Street" where community and business intersect - where everything produces both social value and commercial revenue.
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