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A World For Children

A World For Children serves children and families through preventative, supportive, and therapeutic services. We are dedicated to the belief that each child is unique and deserves an opportunity to develop his/her potential in a safe and nurturing environment.
A World for Children is partnering with members of the communities we serve to "bridge the gap" for our children. When children enter our care, they come from the worst possible circumstances. It is our job, along with the aid of our wonderful foster parents and community donors, to put the pieces back together. Our responsibility is to ensure that these children do not experience the feeling of being "less than" or "left out." They do not have to be the adults and parents of their households anymore. They can, instead, just enjoy being a kid and all the magic that comes with that. Through the program, "Bridging the Gap," we clean their hair and bodies, clothe them, and get them ready to begin a new, healthy life. They are then given the opportunity to experience the magic of childhood in so many different ways through programs under the umbrella of "Bridging the Gap" - Jump Start, Education, Christmas, and Recreation.
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