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Achieving Leadership Institute

Empower leadership, education, enhance integrity and healthy nutrition to create the whole well-being of a child. Serve as a resource for at-risk children, single parents and their children by providing nutritional, educational and skill enrichment programs that instill and reinforce cohesive family values.
Funds or grants to assist with education and enrichment activities for at-risk and underprivileged communities in the areas of Bullying, Etiquette, STEM and Multiculturalism/Diversity. Our goal is to enhance and customize current curriculum to serve the needs of the targeted audience (elementary, middle and high school female students). The need is for equipment required for proper delivery of required and scheduled courses (e.g. laser printers, paper, printer cartridges, binders, educational and enrichment kits, visual aids, seating arrangements and furniture ($35,000); Facility located in the DFW southern sector to deliver the curriculum ($24,000); and, funding needed for stipends, Honorariums and salaries to pay for part time employees, guest instructors and facilitators ($63,500). Fund Needs Total Agency Budget is for $122,500.00.