Raised for Nonprofits


Our Mission: To serve people living with or at risk for HIV with dignity and respect.
We need support for the Continuum of Care we provide our 1,500 clients. The services range from mental health counseling, oral healthcare, nutritional therapy and a food pantry, case management and emergency funds, to outreach, prevention and education. We began offering services as a fully accredited non-profit in 1986. AOC's mission has changed, however, because modern science has lifted the death sentence for those living with HIV/AIDS who receive comprehensive medical, pharmaceutical, and emotional care. There is no cure for HIV yet, but our new vision for our community is that people living with HIV receive quality care, and new infections are rare. Our focus is to reduce transmission through treatment, educate the community about high risk activities and how to reduce likelihood of exposure, and to test residents, free of charge, so that they are aware of their status and can link with care immediately, helping to prevent infection to others.