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Akola Project

To empower women in poverty to become agents of transformation in their families and communities through economic development.
Akola currently needs support to fund our expanding Dallas-based work. Akola has served more than 100 women throughout Urban Dallas by providing work opportunities and empowerment programs. By investing in women, the Akola model enacts a ripple effect that sustainably impacts the lives of children, families and communities in poverty. Our team recognizes that women form the backbone of their communities, and when we empower them through work opportunity and wrap around services relevant to their needs, we create an environment where they can discover and realize their full unique potentials, and maintain mainstream employment. In the context of the Dallas metro area, where women head the majority of households in poverty and experience more economic disadvantages than their male counterparts, Akola Dallas has identified a segment of women with additional barriers to self-sufficiency due to their histories. Our program meets the economic needs of women at risk of returning to prostitution, crime and other poverty-related situations. With limited education, work experience and schedule availability, these women are falling through the cracks of existing job training and placement programs. Through partnerships with Dallas-based non-profits, Akola provides the last step in the path to economic security: dependable and dignified work opportunity. Akola is filling a gap in Dallas's non-profit ecosystem by providing work opportunities at a living wage and empowering women to overcome their lives in poverty.