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Alley's House

Alley's House mission is to provide a nurturing, stable environment to help teen mothers overcome obstacles and become thriving women through counseling, innovative learning, and workforce development.
Alley's House goal is to empower teen moms with the capabilities to achieve academic success, personal growth, and financial independence to live a richer, more fulfilling life for themselves and their families. In order to improve our program and expand the number of moms and children served, we are focusing on capacity building and program sustainability: 1. Implement a Community Counseling Model 2. Provide a Healthy Lifestyle Support System 3. Modularize Curriculum and Integrate Psycho-Education 4. Engage More Young Mothers through Community Outreach Opportunities 5. Provide a College and/or Career Pathway Program. Our goal is to be considered the standard for organizations serving teen moms and the ultimate approach for breaking the cyclical nature of poverty and teen motherhood.
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