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Alliance in Reconstructive Surgery Foundation

AiRS mission is to provide women access to breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy. We advocate for, educate, and support breast cancer survivors by raising awareness, building confidence, and restoring dignity through funding and the support of our professional network across the country.
1) AiRS seeks funding to pay for surgery costs of low-income women seeking breast reconstruction after mastectomy. This medical care includes surgeon's fees, hospital or surgical facility costs, and anesthesia fees. Additional funds are need to pay for prescriptions for medication, post-surgery garments, medical tests and x-rays, breast implants or expanders and all other associated costs with reconstructive surgery typically covered only partially by insurance or not at all. Costs continue to rise and AiRS receives more and more inquiries as our outreach program grows. We turn no one away who meets the financial criteria. In the first 7 months of 2017, AiRS received 50 requests for financial support. 2) Additional funding for the Advocacy Program that gives one-to-one from diagnosis to final surgery is needed as the number of women seeking our service rises. AiRS advocates and assists clients in navigating the health care system; promotes patients' rights and 'speaks up' on behalf of clients to ensure each woman receives appropriate and timely care and financial assistance when needed. 3) AiRS Education Outreach program provides information to locations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and surrounding counties patients about their options following mastectomy. Resources and referrals are constantly updated on the website, printed packets, in English and Spanish, are delivered to clinics/nonprofits that give detailed information about reconstruction options. Volunteers have identified 42 counties and 200 potential locations surrounding the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (including doctors, imaging centers, shelters, hospitals, public health centers, cancer centers, community services, health fairs & other locations) for distribution of materials by volunteers and the Volunteer Coordinator. One to one phone contact occurs daily and, when possible, an AiRS representative visits each client after her surgery.