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Animal Investigation and Response

Animal Investigation and Response is a 501(c)(3) animal protection organization that assists law enforcement and communities with animal abuse related issues such as puppy mills, animal hoarding, blood sports and assists in disaster relief. Based in Texas, Animal Investigation and Response was formed by two certified animal cruelty investigators who saw a need to help connect individuals, law enforcement and animal control with strategies and resources to investigate as well as provide aid for situations that exceed the scope of a communities reach.
Animal Investigation & Resonse is in need of a one ton pickup truck that can pull our newly aquired 40ft Emergency Response Unit to assist agencies in North, East, West and Central Texas with large scale animal issues/disasters/cruelty cases. Our unit is readily available to the requesting agency with the support of our AIR Response Team. Since our speciality is responding to emergency situations with large numbers of animals, our other largest need is to always have a healthly nest egg for the next request for help. We never know when the next emergency will be but we always know the need will be large. We have a large range of resources we can provide to these situations; situational planning, volunteer man power, daily care supplies, veterinarians, medical supplies, our Animal Response Unit and much, much more. This kind of Response support can cost us up to 20k. We provide our emergency services at no cost to the requesting agency so that the animals can have a positive outcome and lives are saved. Your support is always appreciate! Defending Animal Dignity, The Animal Investigation & Response Team