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Annie's Gifts of Love Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Annie's Gifts of Love Charitable Foundation indirectly assists in rebuilding lives of survivors of Domestic Violence, by providing tangible resources and making distributions or gifts to organizations in Dallas County that provide hope and healing for those who have been impacted by domestic abuse. In this connection, we sponsor an annual Survivors' Luncheon the Saturday before Mother's Day. At the luncheon we spotlight Advocates for Survivors in their quest to wipe out domestic abuse Dallas County. Our goal is to inspire and empower survivors through this luncheon and through seminars, workshops and other activities as we help Break the Silence.
We need at least 300 donors to give at least $25.00 each so we can reach our goal of $7,500. Will you STAND with us in this endeavor as we support survivors of Domestic Violence? Visit our website www.anniesgiftsoflove.org. Thanks for your donation.