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Annie's Therapeutic Companions

The goal of Annie's Therapeutic Companions is to bring hope of life, encouragement, comfort, peace and joy to each individual, no matter the setting. We strive to make a positive impact on the individual's physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Our volunteer animal therapy teams serve and motivate individuals in their therapy or learning environments and bridge communication gaps with the medical staff, teachers or other providers. We also educate the general public, healthcare professionals, educators and facility leaders on the opportunities and benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy. Through interactions at numerous facilities, Annie's Therapeutic Companions has seen and was made aware that the need isn't just to see the patients in facilities. We have made it our goal that at each and every facility we visit our teams are reaching out to each and every staff member, all the patients and every family member.
Annie's Therapeutic Companions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer based organization consisting of Pet Partners certified Animal Assisted Therapy teams, based out of Dublin, Texas. Our organization is run by volunteers who own and train their animals, who freely give of their time and as such our organization does not charge any facility we visit for our services. Our goal is to cover all costs for our volunteers, so there is not a burden on them and they are free to do what they love by serving the public. Your tax-deductible donation ensures our organization's success and growth so that we will continue to reach many people and provide the numerous physical and emotional benefits associated with animal-assisted activity and therapy visits. We thank you for your support as we are funded solely by people who believe in the therapeutic benefits of animal-assisted activity and therapy visits, people like YOU! Thank you for participating and assisting us in our mission. >Transportation Costs (fuel, vehicle maintenance, vehicle repairs, insurance, Ram ProMaster multi purpose work/cargo van or equivalent) >Operating Costs (phone, internet usage, website, business cards, animal trading cards, flyers, printing and copying, memberships, postage) >Grooming Supplies (animal wipes, sanitizers, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dog brushes/horse brushes) >ATC Member Costs (Pet Partners handler workshop and evaluation test, every 2 years retesting fee) >Veterinary Care/Bills (annual vaccines, dog teeth cleaning, heart worm prevention, flea & tick prevention, coggins tests) >Animal Equipment (ATC logo sew on patches, Pet Partners patches, animal therapy vests, car travel bag for grooming supplies for car, harnesses, collars, leashes, halters, lead ropes, socks, shoes) >Handler Equipment (ATC uniforms for all seasons, tshirts, sweatshirts, vests etc., handler carry bag for inside facilities for minimal supplies to have on hand) >Extras (animal paints/pens/stencils, ribbon, rubber bands, brushes, supplies for special events, etc.)