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Apollo Support & Rescue

All of our dogs have been rescued from a local shelter or found as strays living on the streets. We don't know the history the background or where they came from. All we know is they need a second chance at a forever home. They may have scars, been abused or abandon or just lost their way. Our goal at Apollo is to place them in homes that believe in second chances. All our dogs need the right family and families need the right dog. We understand that the dog you choose may not always be the perfect fit and we will always take the dog back. We at Apollo are dedicated in finding you the right dog for your home
This year our biggest need is growing an emergency and medical fund. Our facility Houses 80 resident dogs, some of which have been residents for a very long time. To run our facility it cost close to 10k per month. This is utilities, veterinarian care, prevention care, and dog food (we use 200 pounds a day). This monthly cost does not include emergency care, heart worm treatment, eye surgery or any other major veterinarian care. So you can see why this is such a major need. We don't want to wait until an emergency happens and beg for the funds and risk losing a dog. We would like to have this ahead of time to be able to save more lives. Apollo has saved many critical cases this year and they don't stop coming! Thank you for your support- let's make this the biggest NTGD EVER!