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1170 Dove Hill Rd
Justin, TX 76247


Apollo Support & Rescue

All of our dogs have been rescued from a local shelter or found as strays living on the streets. We don't know the history the background or where they came from. All we know is they need a second chance at a forever home. They may have scars, been abused or abandon or just lost their way. Our goal at Apollo is to place them in homes that believe in second chances. All our dogs need the right family and families need the right dog. We understand that the dog you choose may not always be the perfect fit and we will always take the dog back. We at Apollo are dedicated in finding you the right dog for your home
Currently our needs are as follows: Monetary donations to insulate our new 4,500 sq ft building. We are also desperate for help getting donations to go towards the hardware for our second 5 ton air conditioning unit and duct/vents. Dog doors with outdoor kennel access are next in line for immediate placement once we can afford to complete the process. Another large need is help with our never ending vetting costs, utilities, dog food and emergency needs. Supplies for everyday use such as bleach, paper towels, dawn dish soap, Odoban, trash bags, towels, printer paper, ink, 10x10 outdoor play yards, wire crates for foster homes, dog toys, metal dog buckets, leashes, collars, flea and heartworm prevention are greatly appreciated ! Laat but not least, we are always looking for dedicated foster homes and volunteers to help us care of our amazing animals while they wait for their forever homes. We can not run this rescue without help from our community.