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ArborCreek Montessori Academy Inc.

ArborCreek Montessori Academy Inc. (ACMA) was founded on the belief that all children are entitled to an educational experience that builds confidence and a deep knowledge of self through capitalizing on the natural desire to explore the world and develop into life-long learners. Our vision is for all children to fulfill their greatest potential through embracing their inherent desire to learn, developing mastery, and discovering their purpose in the world. Our core mission in achieving ACMA's vision for the future of children in North Dallas is to provide an education that upholds the visionary, collaborative, and inclusive approach of the Montessori philosophy, and to foster a diverse learning environment where children from varied economic, social, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds can excel and flourish. A persistent challenge our community faces is access to Montessori education, due largely to economic and cultural barriers. We seek to overcome these obstacles in two ways: by providing scholarships to reduce the burden on families who wish to attend our school, and by providing accessible and meaningful outreach and educational programs to all members of our community through workshops and trainings on Montessori methods as well as complimentary development and support programs for local youths and their families.
ACMA will use donations to support our educational and community initiatives in the following areas: - Montessori materials for our classrooms and workshops; - Specialty training for teachers and staff to focus on using Montessori methods successfully with youths of all backgrounds in North Dallas, including those considered to be "at risk"; - Materials and equipment for community presentations and seminars; - Materials for our school garden; - Support for additional outreach efforts, including fundraising efforts.