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Arlington Community Band Inc.

The mission of the Arlington Community Band is to provide free or low cost performances and promote the love and appreciation of music to the greater Arlington area. We strive to perform quality concert band literature that will entertain, inspire, educate and enhance the cultural life of our patrons and performers. We seek to encourage continued development of artistic talents, leaderships skills, and performance accomplishments by serving as volunteer musicians.
One of our goals as an organization is to be self-reliant in equipping our percussion section. We already own a variety of instruments (such as timpani, snare drums, mallets, etc), but are still looking to add a set of chimes and a vibraphone. In addition to purchasing equipment there are the day-to-day expenses of adequate storage space and transportation for said instruments, as well as the cost of rehearsal and performance spaces, advertisements, new music, etc. These would make up the bulk of our current agency needs!