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Arlington High School Colt Band Booster Club

We are a team with one mission and common goal - to support our dedicated band students. Let us cheer loudly for them as they proudly play, let them witness the strength of our unity, not our petty differences of opinion. Let us teach them to share love by sharing love among ourselves in cooperation, strength and unity. Let us show our pride, and should they stumble, let us be there as a team to lift them up. We are the Arlington High Band Boosters. We are one unit for one goal - our children.
The Arlington High School Band Booster Club preserves and enhances our award winning band music program by providing needed contest entry fees, sheet music, trailers, musical instruments and equipment for our marching band, color guard, wind symphony, symphonic band, concert band, drum line and jazz bands. This school year, we have 230 students enrolled in band, continuing our tradition of being the largest marching band program in Arlington, Texas. We had a young man that wanted to be in band at AHS this last year. He was transferring in from another school district. He and his family were unfamiliar with how band works in Texas; big, competitive, etc, since they were immigrants. His mom came in to talk to the band director about her son wanting to be in band. She brought her four children (ages from 15 to about 4) with her. She said, I want my child to be with the best students in school. This was very important to her. She told him she was a single mom and knew the significance of her son having good male role models. The director told her about band fees, instrument fees, dry cleaning fees, summer parade uniform, etc.She looked at him with a very beaten down look and said: All I have is $20.00. Throughout the year, the Booster Club works hard to raise our band's $70,000 annual budget by selling concessions at Texas Rangers games and Maverick stadium, holding tamale, calendar, and bread dough fundraisers and selling spirit items. As parents who believe in the importance of music education, we don't believe any student who wants to be in band should be turned away because of finances. We are so blessed to have a wonderful group of volunteer parents and alums who keep coming back to help. Because of them, we were able to provide an instrument for this young man so he could enjoy the benefits of a music education.