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Armed Forces Sportsmens Association of Texas

Armed Forces Sportsmen's Association of Texas (AFSAT) is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization established to provide men and women of the Armed Forces (past & present) from the State of Texas, a chance to participate in indoor/outdoor sporting and recreational opportunities. With the support from Texans, Businesses, Outfitters, Professional Sports Teams, Land Owners, Sponsors and Donors, AFSAT will acknowledge veterans and active personnel from all branches of the Armed Forces. Our goal is to help as many veterans (disabled/non-disabled), who enjoy indoor/outdoor sports to continue their participation in their favorite sporting activity.
Help Fund Programs for Veterans. We are currently in the process of funding our indoor and outdoor Veteran programs, so that OUR veterans can continue to participate in recreational activities. We are hoping for your help and welcome you...in becoming part of our family. Not only will your funds sustain our programs, but will provide necessary items that these Veterans will need, while participating in our programs. Additionally, if you would like to donate any gifts, use of land, sporting tickets or items for auction, these would be graciously accepted. Besides your donated funds, if you would like to volunteer as a support member, it would be equally appreciated.