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Army Scholarship Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to provide college scholarships to the sons and daughters of those who have served our nation honorably as soldiers in the United States Army and to provide college scholarships to spouses of enlisted soldiers serving on active duty in the United States Army.
The Army Scholarship Foundation is in need of funds for scholarships of the family members of those who are currently serving or have served our great nation honorably. Army family members are severely hampered in terms of academic, financial, and extra curricular opportunities. Frequent moves between school systems with different standards and requirements , reduced income opportunities, frequent family separations and the anxiety and stress of deployments all challenge Army family members who are pursuing their education. The need is great and the Army Scholarship Foundation is only able to make awards to less than 25% of deserving applicants due to lack of funds. The number of applications increases every year which is evidence of the financial challenges faced by army families. Please help us help them.