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Art House Dallas

Following in the footsteps of Art House America, Art House Dallas works to cultivate creativity for the common good. This work is done through our programs, curated events, community partnerships, and artist care in order to inspire everyone to live more imaginative, meaningful lives. Through nurturing a creative community of people who learn, grow, and create together, we believe good things result -- good things meant for all.
Art House Dallas is a recognized leader in the greater Dallas area, providing artist care and development for all individuals seeking to lead creative lives. Central to our mission of cultivating creativity for the common good, Art House Dallas believes in the power of creativity to impact our culture for the common good of Dallas. We accomplish this mission by fostering community amongst creative individuals, believing that their rich artistic expression will serve to bring inspiration to the city of Dallas. Our programming reaches individuals across many genres of the arts - including music, songwriting, visual art, design, literary works, spoken word, film, entrepreneurship, photography, culinary arts, and more. Above all, we believe that every human being is a creative individual and ultimately our work is to encourage everyone to live more imaginative and creative lives. Listed below are three such programs which represent our work with artists and creatives: AWAKEN CREATIVITY provides programming for writers that includes monthly writing and workshop groups designed to foster community through discussion, constructive feedback, and encouragement. DEPLOY is a program designed for artists to share their creativity with people who may have little or no exposure to arts and culture for the purpose of bring light, love, and inspiration to the underserved areas of our community. THE ART OF BUSINESS is a 6-week program that offers sustainability practices for creative professionals to think differently in terms of marketing, selling, and managing finances of their creative endeavors.