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Arts & Entertainment 4 DFW Youths

Arts & Entertainment 4 DFW Youths is a life-enriching program established to provide under-served youths with the opportunity to experience live-stage Performing Art productions, educational programs at local museums and a University, coupled with some general entertainment events, and a few sporting venues. The youngsters, to whom we are of service, are from the other side of the tracks, the poorest sections of Dallas where economic chaos is rampant. However, we work with talented youth groups and 20 campuses, and have facilitated the attendance of 5,500± youngsters in 6.5 years, at theatrical productions and other events. Last year we added a program for children who wanted to study in any discipline of the Arts, to help them secure a place in an after-school or summer program. Through studying in the Arts, youngsters will learn very important Skill Sets that will enhance their learning processes in primary and secondary schools, at the college or university level, and in post graduate studies. The Skill Sets include Problem Solving, Creativity, Confidence Building, Perseverance, and Focus, Learning to accept Constructive Criticism, Collaboration, Dedication, and ACCOUNTABILITY. With the help of North Texas Giving Day, and your donation, we can grow the number of youngsters who will find a place in an Art's program wherein they will learn these valuable Skill Sets. This year, we are introducing another program that will help youngsters to secure opportunities to study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, STEM, in after school and summer programs (2018). These four subjects are the categories where the greatest numbers of high-paying career opportunities are available today, and will be in the decades to come. There is so much more to accomplish, if we can take the organization to the next level. Similar to Neil Armstrong in 1969, we need to take a gigantic leap for Kid-Kind in 2017-2018. Please join the team, make a donation, and help the youngsters! Thank you.
Funds are needed to nurture the growth of 'Students in the Arts', and the STEM Program. New money will help hire staff that can facilitate more opportunities for the youngsters. Of import for 2017-2018 is to get more youngsters studying in the Arts as described in the Mission Statement. Learning the Skill Sets highlighted above, will place primary and secondary school students at the top of their classes, and expedite their securing admission to the college or university of their choice. These opportunities will facilitate the number of youngsters who advance into good and high-paying careers. And, as these children of today become the leaders of tomorrow, they will know their obligation to help the next generation. It is all about growth and moving forward; the growth becomes exponential from generation to generation. It starts out slow and methodical, picks up steam, and can be a part of the changing landscape to rid our community of under-served children. It is your assistance that is needed, your donation that will enable us to assist more youngsters. Our program with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), is another platform that will enable under-served youngsters to change the landscape of their lives, from that of their family's background in poverty today. Provide a child with the tools, make studying interesting and fun, and YOU can enrich children's lives with knowledge that can empower their future achievements. We need funds and people! Dollars, coupled with supporting staff within the organization, are the life-blood of any nonprofit organization. In 6.5 years, we have never paid any staff. I would like to do that for the next 20 years, but that is not realistic. We would not have a future. Your dollars will help us to secure staff members, and provide more opportunities for the children. Your FUNDS will help insure the sustainability of For the Children, Inc. Please join the team, make a donation, and help the youngsters. Thank you!