Raised for Nonprofits

Arttitude, Inc.

Arttitude is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which serves to unite the LGBTQ+ and diverse community, local artists, academic researchers, and public and private organizations with the goal of inciting positive change and equality for all through art shows, music events, and other artistic endeavors.
Funds received on North Texas Giving Day will allow Arttitude to expand the following programs and events. Prism LGBTQ Art Fest for locally/nationally renowned artists, writers, filmmakers, scholars and a broad range of topics in the humanities, architecture, design, and the arts. Maricí_n - In Spanish, Maricí_n is faggot. Most LGBTQ Latinx know well how the word maricí_n is used. In Latinx culture, views of gender are traditional: men dominant and women submissive. Combat this injustice by sharing new narratives and re-appropriating this word as a source of empowerment- incite real/positive change. Opaline is an online magazine of short fiction, poetry, drama, personal essays and visual art by the LGBTQ/Allies community, women, people with disabilities, and other minorities. Transpose is a video documentary representative of the unique journeys of the transgender community. Transpose are the stories of individual triumph, encompassing the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Individuals are encouraged to represent their unique perspective on transitioning in anyway that resonates with them.