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Avenue F Family Enrichment Corporation of Texas, Inc

The mission of AFFECT, Inc. is to be the leader in affecting positive changes in the lives of those living in the Douglas Community in Plano, TX and surrounding areas. We will empower and inspire members of the community by providing resources, consulting services, and training to continuously improve communities in Texas. AFFECT's long term vision is to be a community where everyone's basic needs are met. We will provide resources, consulting and training to empower all individuals.
AFFECT, Inc. needs your support to help us reach more individuals in Collin, Dallas, Denton and Kaufman County. Our yearly programs consist of a Free Summer Academic Program (i.e., Summer Camp), Marriage and Pre-marital Counseling, Job Readiness, Fall Festival, Single Parent Symposium and 2,000 Turkey and Basket Giveaway. Currently through a collaboration with local physicians, nurses and medical staff we have partnered in the development of Julia's Clinic, which is helping meet the needs of the uninsured. Also in September of 2013 we were avle to open a Fresh Food Market that sale fresh fruits and vegetables at a reduced price in order to help promote a healthier eating lifestyle. Your support will help us reach out and assist more people within the communities we serve.