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National Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation

The Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation (BOHMF) mission is to assist the survivors and departments of officers who have been killed in the line of duty to obtain all of the statutory benefits that may be available to them and to train law enforcement departments on casualty planning. This goal is accomplished through Federal and state law enforcement association's workshops, introducing the Foundation's Agency Casualty Assistance Guide, which covers the entire spectrum of issues in detail that a department faces when an agency loses an officer. It serves many small departments as a death protocol manual. BOHMF helps families, who as a result of a law enforcement officer's death are enduring personal hardship. The number one concern of any police officer is the financial security of his or her family. The Foundation is able to assist families of slain public safety officers to receive the financial security available to them. Our goal is to make sure no loved one is left behind.
We have two signature publications, The Casualty Assistance Guide and the Family Assistance Planning Guide, that have been developed over time as a collaborative effort. The Casualty Assistance Guide covers not only immediate incident responses to line-of-duty, active service and retired death, disability and special circumstances; it also covers an array of post-incident support services for departments. The Family Assistance Planning Guide provides the individual officer a framework to organize his or her personal and family life.The immediate need is to fund training to police organizations nationwide on the importance of planning prior to a critical incident and present The Casualty Assistance Guide and the Family Assistance Planning Guide.Future funding should include a Train The Trainer program nationwide, continual interface with law enforcement organizations and departments to keep both Guides current, and the ability to build a national network of attorneys.