Raised for Nonprofits


Barkleyworld is dedicated to providing support to municipal animal shelters, animal rescue groups and individuals, to provide resources to prevent the euthanasia of animals. Helping families with veterinary expenses beyond their financial capabilities is the heart and soul of Barkleyworld.
We are seeking funding to continue - 1) To help families with catastrophic vet expenses beyond their financial capabilities ($10,000); 2) Continue S/N/M program ($3,000); and 3) Funds for S/HAP Program ($2,000) Spay/Neuter/Microchipping Program: $3,000 - In NCT, the cost to s/n males averages $65-$75 per, and females average $75-$100. Or request is based on funding approximately 25 operations. The average cost of microchipping an animal is $40. Our request is based on an average of $40/per animal for 25 animals. Senior/Homeless Assistance Program: $2,000 - Focus on supporting senior citizens with senior pets, and homeless citizens with companion pets. We want to assist with food, care, veterinary costs, and adoption activities, and end-of-life support for animals critically in need of help. There is a vital need for this support in NCT, and with the partnerships and connections we have established in our rescue, we are confident that we can provide the support for these people. Our request is based on the average $100/per pet for euthanasia/medical services for 20 pets.