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Basset Rescue Across Texas, Inc.

Basset Rescue Across Texas, Inc. (BRAT) is organized for the following purposes to: a. Prevent cruelty to animals, especially Basset Hounds. b. Support animal welfare by locating and retrieving homeless, unwanted, and/or mistreated Basset Hounds. c. Provide necessary funding for medical care, spaying and neutering, for unwanted and/or mistreated Basset Hounds. d. Place homeless, unwanted, and or mistreated Basset Hounds in permanent, loving homes. e. Educate the public as to the care and traits of Basset Hounds and to the importance of spaying/neutering their pets. f. Will concentrate the majority of our efforts in North Texas, but will work in conjunction with other rescues in the state of Texas for the benefit of all Basset Hounds.
Foster Homes; Donations; and Volunteers