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Bat World Sanctuary

To provide permanent sanctuary for non-releasable bats, to protect and conserve wild bat colonies, promote the humane treatment of bats in captivity, educate the public about the importance of bats and train animal caregivers on the proper treatment of bats.
Bat World is a safe haven for orphaned, abused and wounded bats and we are the only accredited sanctuary on earth created specifically for bats. We believe that great animal rescue organizations are judged not just by the scale of the work that they do, but by the impact that work has on the lives of the animals they serve. We actively work with zoos, researchers and animal shelters to offer an alternative to death. Many of the bats in our care have lived terrible lives before coming to us and we provide the security and privacy they need to recuperate from their previous existence. In 2013 we accomplished a 20 year goal of building a new sanctuary for bats that would allow us to accept more bats at risk. Some of these bats include surplus fruit bats that enter the cruel exotic pet trade through disreputable zoos. We neuter all males we rescue to prevent any breeding at our sanctuary and actively work with the zoos in encouraging they do likewise. We provide free rescue services, advice on humane exclusions, and free educational information to the public. We respond to over 3,000 rescue calls annually from around the world. Recently we were able to dispatch 911 Wildlife to do a complimentary, humane exclusion in Houston, TX where hundreds of innocent bats were being needlessly killed by a homeowner. Thanks to 911 Wildlife, the remainder of the colony was spared. It is only through education that we can make a difference. Our daily communication through social media sites has permitted us to expand our reach to millions of people annually, saving thousands of bats worldwide. Sadly, bats are among the least popular of all wildlife. Operational support needed to care for the bats receiving lifetime sanctuary with us, as well as funds needed to cover rescue efforts, are very hard to come by. Donations allow us to continue our rescue efforts for bats. Giving Day is our biggest day to raise the funds that allows our work to continue. Please help us help them.