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BFFs - Best Fur Friends Rescue

BFFs - Best Fur Friends Rescue is a Fort Worth, Texas-based 501c3 non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for the sole purpose of saving unwanted and abandoned dogs from euthanasia within high-kill Texas shelters and placing them in loving, adoptive, forever homes. BFFs - Best Fur Friends Rescue will strive to further our purpose under this program by working in close partnership with shelters, veterinary professionals, canine behaviorists, committed foster care providers, animal advocates, and community volunteers. These key alliances will provide BFFs - Best Fur Friends Rescue the ultimate platform to rescue, rehabilitate, and ready our dogs for permanent placement within suitable and secure homes, as well as helping us to promote responsible dog ownership and animal welfare in general.
Since January 2015, BFFs has saved over 250 dogs with 90% of them coming from Fort Worth Animal Care & Control ("FWACC"). Our passion is senior dogs, and while we provide every dog with the gold-standard of veterinary care, our seniors typically require an even more sophisticated level of vetting. Saving senior dogs is an expensive undertaking; most have special needs, including but not limited to requiring heartworm treatment. Yes, rescuing seniors is costly, but we do not shy away from the challenge. We know the joy a mature dog can bring, and have made it our mission to bring awareness to their plight within our local shelter. These ideal companions are highly overlooked, have limited chance for adoption or rescue, and therefore quickly find themselves on the euthanasia list. That is where BFFs - Best Fur Friends Rescue comes in. Considered the senior dog "go to" within FWACC, many times we are their only chance at a second chance. We are honored to do the work we do; we want to do more but need the financial wherewithal to do so. Funds from North Texas Giving Day will support our mission to save more Tarrant County senior dogs and assist in giving them their new lease on life.