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Bombshell Dance Project

The mission of Bombshell Dance Project is to investigate the depth of the female choreographic voice. We seek to challenge our perceptions of humanity through the creation and presentation of innovative dance works, exploring the juxtapositions between strength and subtlety; power and sensuality. We present a collaborative environment, inviting audiences to take ownership of a shared artistic experience.
Bombshell Dance Project is a young dance company, and we need your help to grow and expand in 2018! Every donation we receive through North Texas Giving Day will go toward our 2018 performances in Dallas, Texas. Your support allows us to continue creating and presenting innovative dance works, as well as bring more dancers into our company and provide opportunities to emerging female choreographers. Specifically, your donation will go toward dancer salaries, performance venues, costume design, lighting design, videography & photography, and providing opportunities to female guest choreographers. Thank you for being a integral part of the Bombshell Dance Project team, and we hope to see you at our future performances!