Raised for Nonprofits

Born2BFree, Inc.

Our mission is to empower and encourage teens and young adults by offering an opportunity to transition from the teenage and young adult years into a life equipped with the self-confidence, positive attitude, and life skills necessary to make a positive impact in their lives, families and communities. We strive to provide valuable knowledge, positive influence and mentors to encourage them FREE of charge so that all young people are able to participate no matter what their economic status while connecting with other positive minded individuals. Our goal is to see multicultural young men and women set free from negative influences and temptations to allow them to develop more positive lifestyles. We work hard to be an added benefit to the community by providing a rich and dynamic experience that is tailored to provide social, emotional and spiritual support to young people that will make a noticeable impact in every aspect of their lives.
Funds are needed to cover the expenses for upcoming outreach events which will include, but is not limited to, advertisement, speakers, venues, supplies and material, rental of medium and large size venues, speakers, artists, hotel and transportation, food for various events and all other necessary preparation expenses. These funds will allow our workshops, conferences and activities to remain FREE for teen and young adult participants.