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Bridge Lacrosse

To use lacrosse to broaden the horizons of our community's youth.
We are requesting funds to help further the development of a consistent brand of programming for our student-athletes. Funding will go directly to both our fall and spring programs which are designed to feed into one another. Beginning with our fall season, we will recruit and prepare student-athletes for the competition of the spring season through an 8-week afterschool season. Next during the spring, we will compete in a 14-week season throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Spring programming represents a more in-depth opportunity to work and develop our youth, where we focus on character development and providing unique opportunities only lacrosse can provide. Your financial support will go to sustaining our five fall afterschool sites and our six spring competitive teams. In addition, funding will help us expand through the addition of seventh spring team. All funds will directly impact the ability for our kids to play in a safe environment, with the proper equipment and instruction.