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Bridges that Unite

Bridges that Unite envisions a unified community where everyone has the opportunity to flourish in mind, body, and spirit. Our mission is to mobilize McKinney to work together to address poverty and foster a thriving community. What makes Bridges that Unite unique is that it is focused on asset-based building solutions for people in poverty. Building relationships with people and working on pathways out of poverty require a lot of time and patience. The intended result is a collaborative community with a framework that inspires prosperity and stability for all.
Bridges that Unite has been operating solely on volunteer efforts since its inception. Since its nonprofit status was made effective in 2015, it is becoming increasingly necessary to incur operational expenses. The most pressing operational needs are ongoing program sponsorship for group participants and supplies. The second most pressing need is training and development for program facilitators and participant allies. The third most pressing need is a paid Executive Director and office space.