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Broken Dolls Non Profit

Providing parents of sick or deceased children with effective and practical survival tools that give hope, support and direction during a difficult journey.
Broken Dolls Non Profit serves parents of chronically ill children/and parents of deceased children. We do this through educational seminars, workshops, support groups, respite retreats, and by providing meals for parents away from home here in Dallas staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Our funds are used to pay for hotel stays during the respite/retreats, food, resource materials, and physical refreshing. We also use our donations to purchase snack bags for parents staying at the hospital while their children are ill. We also give small honorariums to our professional speaker that help educate moms on how to care for themselves as they care for their children. We make donations of crafts for children at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. With your donations, we will be able to invite more moms to the much needed retreat. Lastly, our funds are used for our annual "Gone Too Soon" Memorial Brunch where parents of deceased children can be encouraged by each other, and a speaker. We also provide mom to mom mentoring services.