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C. C. Young

C. C. Young's mission is to foster premier environments where every life at every age is valued and enriched. C. C. Young's vision is to enhance the quality of life for all we serve.
C. C. Young has two current and pressing needs, the Benevolence Fund and the Capital Campaign. The Benevolence fund was put in place the same year that C. C. Young was founded, in 1922. It provides for residents that have outlived all of their income and assets. These are residents that have no one to help them, they have very limited options. Through donations to the Benevolence Fund, residents in need are able to receive shelter, food, skilled nursing care, heating, cooling, laundry services, transportation to and from doctor appointments and many other life sustaining programs and services. Also, know that you are giving them the best gift, peace of mind. Peace in that they do not have to worry about their next meal or if they will have a place to live. Your donation allows seniors to age with dignity and grace. The Capital Campaign is for a new transitional care facility, The Vista. The Vista will be a nine story care facility encompassing Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Long Term Care, Adult Day Stay and Rehab. This new facility took over two years to research, plan and design. Amenities include a Chapel, a Meditation Chapel, a cafe, gift shop, employee training center, a volunteer center and an art gallery. The crowning touch to the Vista is the Rehab and Therapy area with an Indoor Therapy Pool unlike any other in existence in the country. This pool includes an underwater treadmill, a deep water exercise area that allows for weightless exercises, a resistant walking track and safety features so that every resident is safe in the water. All of this is surrounded by a beautiful sensory rehab garden. The Vista is Phase I of the C. C. Young campus renovation.