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Camp Crucis

Since 1947 Camp Crucis has had a policy of no child will be turned away for summer camp due to financial reasons. In doing this, we rely heavily on donations so that we are able to keep our registration fees far below the average and are also able to offer scholarships to those in need, especially at risk youth, disadvantaged or abused youth and Angel Tree kids. The Camp Crucis Summer Camp program offers an outstanding Christian camping program for children and teens from all denominations and all walks of life. Camp Crucis is a Christian community of love and fellowship where young people are encouraged to have fun; to experience the love of Christ and that personal relationship that can grow and develop in Him. Our programs seek to help shape the moral character of the participants; instilling positive community values, integrity and strength of character. Our young people are encouraged to grow in their walk with Christ and to develop a clearer understanding of their role as stewards of God's creation. These experiences and relations are fostered through the daily teachings along with the love and Christian leadership of the senior staff, volunteer counselors and volunteer clergy. In addition, Camp Crucis offers an equestrian program that allows the children to be close to one of God's majestic creatures.
Due to the rainfall from the past 2 years, the gravel roads need to be redone or paved. Erect a permanent climbing tower Redo the baseball field, complete with lights