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Center Street Counseling Services, Inc.

Center Street Counseling Services, Inc., through Substance Abuse Mansfield, S.A.M., improves family systems by training parents to better connect with their children--to lower underage use of drugs in our communities.
Needs for this next year total: $50,250 1. $13,000 Marketing Expense, (Printing, Web Design and Hosting, Social Media Assistance) 2. $4,000 - Training Materials, (Curriculum Development with review, edits and updating; Binders, paper and copier costs 3. $3,500 - Community Outreach to festivals and public events, monthly networking with professionals and parents, and facility rentals/deposits 4. $22,750 - Personnel Expense for Counseling to Indigent Families, Speakers for Community Events, Administrative Assistance 5. $7,000 - Office Expense in rent, liability insurance, answering service, internet and telephone.