Raised for Nonprofits


Chari-T2000 is a non-profit organization created to financially assist families in obtaining services and equipment needed to support children with disabilities and to help them reach their full potential.
C2K's motto is "We give back", and with your generous donation, we will be able to give back to the children of North Texas. Your donations will allow us to provide the needed equipment that otherwise would be unobtainable for these kids. Our most requested items include modified, wheelchair accessible vans, communication devices, weighted/sensory items, home modifications and seating systems. Often these items may not be covered by insurance therefore the expensive costs of these essential items begin to add up forfamilies. Activities such as getting in the car to go to the park orverbally requesting to eat may not be possible if the child does not have access to the correct equipment. This is where C2K is able to step in and bridge that financial gap to improve the lives of North Texas children.