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Chihuahua Rescue & Transport, Inc.

Chihuahua Rescue & Transport, Inc. is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, medical care and adoption of stray and homeless Chihuahuas in need, to help control the growing overpopulation of dogs through the spay and neuter of all dogs in our care, and to extend public education and awareness regarding the importance of spaying and neutering, heartworm prevention and abuse/neglect. All dogs in our rescue are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, heartworm tested and on heartworm prevention, fecal tested, microchipped and have all other veterinary needs taken care of (such as heartworm treatment, dentals and luxating patellas,) Chihuahua Rescue is known, and has always been known, for taking injured, infirm and elderly Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes. We have placed hundreds of Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes in approved homes. Our Chihuahuas are cared for in healthy, safe and loving foster home environments where they work on housetraining, crate training, and socialization. We require an application, vet check, reference check and home visit for each adopter.
Chihuahua Rescue is always in need of funds, volunteers and foster homes for the Chihuahuas we take into our rescue. The more funds, volunteers and foster homes we have, the more Chihuahuas we can save!