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Christian Benevolent Outreach Food Pantry

The mission of the Christian Benevolent Outreach Food Pantry, is to provide a nutritious supplement to those our community who find themselves food insecure. We are an all volunteer organization that gathers and distributes food and clothing while treating each person with compassion and dignity.
Christian Benevolent Outreach Food Pantry is providing food assistance for 250 families in our community each week. In 2016, over 500,712 pounds of food was provided to 4,874 families, a 13% increase from the prior year. Demand for food assistance continues to rise and in order to meet that demand, we must expand our operation from the physical confines of our existing building. The addition of covered outdoor structure will expand and enhance the client shopping experience while providing protection from the elements for both clients and volunteers. The addition of a permanent (approx. 34' x 51' x 14') covered structure will eliminate the use of temporary pop-up canopies that are utilized each week for this function.