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Christ's Angels Leaving Everlasting Blessings, Inc.

CALEB's mission is to serve, inspire, and empower individuals and families who are affected by cancer. We would like to let each survivor know that they are not fighting alone, that we are there with them from diagnosis and beyond.
With over 5 billion dollars budgeted with the NAI only a mere 4% goes toward pediatric cancer. Pediatric cancer is real and it's incidence is increasing. Christ's Angels Leaving Everlasting Blessings, Inc. has extensive programs and expenses to help ease the burdens of pediatric patients and families stricken with cancer. Not only will we help alleviate burdens, we help create lasting memories as well. CALEB's major program is our "I AM" Pediatric Survivor Fashion Show. With the fashion show, we empower and inspire the patients stricken with the horrible disease of cancer. We let them know that regardless of their diagnosis they are fearfully and wonderfully made. One of our participants who has battled this horrible disease several times said, "It's my dream to be a model!" What a fulfilling moment to know instantly how you have positively impacted someone's life. Of course, having a fashion show incurs expenses. Costs such as; venue, snacks and clothes all contribute to the success of the show. CALEB is committed to creating pleasant lifetime memories for the afflicted. Other activities throughout the year that require consistent help are as follows: a monthly financial contribution to a pediatric cancer family, "Tote of Hope" Care packages, meals thaf heal and our "Evening of Art." CALEB has extensive needs and immediate assistance is required. In order for CALEB to progress with our mission of serving, inspiring and empowering we need financial assistance from generous donors as yourself. Your donation is more than a financial contribution, it will help bring smile to a child's face. We are committed to "Making Memories" and help easing the burden for the patient and family who are going through the worst time in their life. Please consider contributing. For someone, tomorrow may be too late. Don't Wait!
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