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Christ's Family Clinic

The mission of Christ's Family Clinic is simple; provide high-quality health care to the uninsured in an atmosphere of dignity and respect, regardless of race or religion.
Funding for Services: - $360 Sponsors a patient's care for an entire year. - $50 Provides Lab testing for annual a patient's annual physical. - $75 Allows five patients to receive needed immunizations. - $1,500 Provides specialty dental care such as a crown to one patient. - $4,200 Allows flu vaccines to be given to our patients for one year - $21,000 Funds patient lab testing for one year. Funding for Supplies: - $150 Purchases eight diabetic testing meters. - $600 Provides clinic medical supplies for one month. - $550 Funds a vital signs monitor. - $7,200 Purchases clinic medical supplies for one year. Equipment: - Otoscope/ ophthalmoscope set - Mayo stand - EKG machine - Pyrometer - Tympanometer - Audiometer for hearing tests) - Professional electronic scale - Ear irrigation kit - Urinalysis machine - Glucometer - Autoclave