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CityLab High School Advisory Board

The mission of the CityLab High School Advisory Board is to advocate for and support CityLab High School, a new open enrollment Transformation School under the Dallas ISD Public School Choice initiative. Located in downtown Dallas, the school engages students in Architecture, Environmental Science, Urban Planning, Public Policy, and Community Development as possible career options, all while exploring and using the city as a laboratory for learning. Working alongside the campus leadership team, the Advisory Board aims to foster community involvement through mentorship, enrichment programming, internship programs, and innovation & entrepreneurship initiatives. In addition, we raise funds for the school to amplify the impact of public dollars through subsidizing enhancements to the school's academic and extracurricular activities, assisting with student needs, contributing to teacher development, improving facilities, providing access to innovative technology and fulfill our prime long-term goal to enable full student scholarships for qualifying students. When you donate to the CityLab High School Advisory Board, you are contributing to the school's mission to create opportunities for students to become the next generation of engaged citizens, empowered design professionals and compassionate civic leaders ready to participate in the development of tomorrows' city. http://dallasisd.org/citylabhs This entity is currently a fund with Communities Foundation of Texas.
The home for CityLab HS at 912 S. Ervay Street will be a place for community. A place where students are excited to go, and where their experience will remain with them for a long time after they leave. Its spaces will be an exemplar for creative curriculum solutions. PRIORITY #1 - INSTRUCTIONAL NEIGHBORHOODS Clusters of learning, a classroom with multiple fronts, flexible furnishings, quiet nooks, agile classrooms where teachers can create blended learning environments within the space. Needs budget $45,000 PRIORITY #2 - TEACHER FLIGHT LOUNGE Teacher teaming and office area, where collaboration across disciplines is promoted. Educators and staff will be modeling for the students how to act in the professional environment. Needs budget $45,000 PRIORITY #3 - BIKE BRIGADE Provision of bikes for students to engage with the City of Dallas and explore as they come in to school everyday, and also through scheduled visits during the school day. Needs budget $20,000 PRIORITY #4 - 1ST FLOOR WELCOME EXPERIENCE The reception for CityLab HS is the first impression for the school. At the same time, it is part of CityLab's civic presence, with a sense of its active community use, a welcoming and secure arrival. The minute anyone walks in, they want to keep coming back to school. Needs budget $25,000 PRIORITY #5 - MAKER SPACE Spaces spread out through each floor of the school, to allow for exploration, collaboration and creativity through the use of technology, individually and as group of students. Strongly tied to the Design Studio and the Fab Lab. Needs budget $15,000 PRIORITY #6 - SCIENCE LAB Science Lab is intended for Biology for year 1, this is a typical laboratory, with student group tables for experiments, prep area and a teaching wall. Needs budget ~ $25,000 PRIORITY #7 - FAB LAB Dedicated on the first floor of the school, this space is created to allow for exploration, collaboration and creativity at much larger scales through the use of technology and building/construction tools. Needs budget $45,000