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Clothe a Child Frisco

Clothe a Child partners with area churches, organizations, individuals and businesses in the community to serve the new clothing needs of economically disadvantaged Kindergarten through 8th grade school children in Frisco, Little Elm, Prosper & Celina ISDs. The Need: All communities have children in need of new clothes. Unfortunately, not all families have the means to provide the basic clothing items they need for school shoes, shirts, jackets, jeans, underwear, etc. As Christ followers in the community, we feel the call to help these children obtain new clothes. Our Mission: Clothe a Child seeks to address the clothing needs of economically disadvantaged children in our communities through partnerships with KOHL's Frisco Department Store, Frisco, Little Elm, Prosper & Celina ISDs, churches, friends & businesses. We want to be intentional in addressing the ever-growing needs of children in our community.
Each dollar you donate goes 100% to clothing needy children in the Frisco, Little Elm, Prosper & Celina ISDs. We are an entirely volunteer run organization! No matter how much you give, donating to Clothe a Child will improve the lives of economically disadvantaged students (K-8th). Your donation will provide them with the basic clothing (coats, jeans, shirts, socks & underwear) they need for the school year. Our goal is to clothe 3,000 kids each with a $100 shopping voucher. At least 2000 volunteers are needed this year to make this program a success. It requires only a few hours on a Saturday morning to assist families shop for their children. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age or older please, since we are asking them to pair up with families and their children. As a volunteer, you will spend time getting to know the family, assisting them in selecting clothing items and helping the families stay within their allotted amount of money. The volunteer stays with the family until they check out, at which time the volunteer is free to leave or help another family shop. Your assistance and participation blesses the program recipients and their families and you will be blessed by your part in this incredible opportunity to impact our local communities!

CLOTHE A CHILD 2015 from Silver Horn Media on Vimeo.