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Coalition For Quality End of Life Care

Our mission is to stimulate end of life conversations through education. Our vision is to foster a culture in which all people live well until the end of their days.
It is always too early - until it's too late! Did you know that all of the landmark cases for End-of-Life Care involved young adults in their 20s? Accidents, illness, and injury can surprise anyone. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to Steward their legacy regardless of their age or station in life because each life is valuable. Money raised will fund three initiatives: 1. Providing scholarships for volunteers to teach community education programs to At Risk populations, including homeless, those living at poverty level, elderly, and LBGTQ communities, about advance care planning. We currently need 30 scholarships for 2017-2018. 2. Educatingstaff andvolunteers within relief agencies, nonprofits, & faith-based communities to facilitate meaningful conversations with individuals and families regarding end of life care plans and the importance of making their wishes known to family and caregivers before illness or injury. 3. Seed money for Developing new training programs to prepare healthcare & spiritual leaders for their roles in facilitating meaningful conversations regarding plans forend of life.