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Collin County History Museum

The Collin County Historical Society & Museum (CCHSM) mission is to serve the general public and offer educational opportunities for the North Texas community by revealing our past through collecting, preserving and exhibiting our cultural resources, thereby nurturing the understanding of our diverse human experience.
Since Collin County Historical Society & Museum receives no formal state, county or city financial support, its survival is dependent on donations. The Museum is currently in need of a replacement (computer) server and update to its Past Perfect software, both of which are relied on heavily to store and track our in-house historic collection. Additionally, the Museum would like to: 1) expand its research library; 2) continue to mount professional exhibitions (based on our collections); 3) publish additional historically, significant material about North Texas, 4) create inspiring and poignant documentaries; 5) find and protect primary sources and local family stories; 6) expand our archives and family files of North Texas; 7) and make it possible for students, historians, genealogist, and everyone interested in who we were, and are today, to continue to learn. We would like to advance our new endeavor of digital media galleries focusing on educational programs for children and adults alike, and, (8) we also need to pay our operating costs. Our signage in front of the building is also in need of updating. Mostly importantly, the Museum needs to continue our vitally important mission to find and preserve our North Texas culture and history, but needs your financial help. Thank you for your consideration of giving.