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Community Development Alliance

The mission of the Community Development Alliance is to strengthen communities through empowering individuals, community mobilization, and developing economic initiatives for community investment.
The Community Development Alliance is Dallas-based nonprofit that works to build stronger, economically stable, and culturally vibrant communities throughout North Texas. CDA was founded for the purpose of assisting in the community and economic development of communities in North Texas, specifically the Oak Cliff, West Dallas, and Pleasant Grove neighborhoods of Dallas. These areas suffer from severe underdevelopment, a substantial proportion of low-income persons, and unemployment caused by the displacement of local industry. The primary objectives of our programs are to develop and improve low to moderate income communities and neighborhoods through economic and related development. Our intent is to support communities whose activities and decisions are initiated, managed, and controlled by the stakeholders of their respective communities. The programs and activities of CDA include projects that promote educating the future leaders of these communities, small business development, neighborhood revitalization, housing development and other programs or projects that foster the economic growth and development of the organizations targeted communities. A donation to the Community Development Alliance on North Texas Giving Day supports the organization's efforts to build stronger communities by funding programs such as the CDA Texas College Tour; which provides campus tours and admissions advisement to high school students from our target areas. As part of CDAs' mission to develop economic initiatives for communities, the organization offers small business development seminars that serve as a workshop to help minority-owned businesses from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex identify business opportunities, and develop strategies to help grow their business. CDA is an organization run completely by volunteers; the current agency needs include funds to continue programming; support the hiring of (1) part-time staff member; (1) 12-15 passenger van; and office space.