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Community Food Bank

The mission of the Community Food Bank, Inc. is to fight hunger by providing food, education and resources to hungry families in a dignified, personal and timely manner, directly as a food pantry and as a food bank; without zip code restrictions.
It is very important for the Community Food Bank to support its food bank and pantry programs to serve approximately 450 families on a daily basis. This work is our mission in providing food in a dignified, personal, and expeditious manner to our families and smaller community agencies and churches we support. Because of the large numbers of people we serve each week, the Community Food Bank's highest priority is to have an efficient and working operations, so we are not placed in a position where operations are interrupted. Because of this high priority, this year, we are in need of funding to replace equipment and especially to assist us in in obtaining a new refrigerator truck for us to collect food from our DFW food sources and partners, as well as to deliver it to our site, all in a safe manner. It is extremely important for our equipment to move and support the operations be newer or slightly used to reduce down time or to decrease our risk of not meeting regulations and/or safety procedures.