Raised for Nonprofits


Mission The mission of The Conley Group Foundation is to maximize community awareness, contributions and participation in and support selected charitable organizations as they are related to the United State Armed Forces and special needs Children and/or Adults. Goals The Conley Group Foundation volunteers will provide appropriate assistance to members of the United States Armed Forces, active or retired, and their immediate family through solicitation of donations and organization of events fundraising and services. The Conley Group Foundation will assist to provide opportunities for special needs children and/or adults to participate in events that will result in their growth, development and community acceptance. The Conley Foundation will focus on providing financial support as well as volunteer support staff at the various functions. The Conley Group Foundation will obtain the working capital required to achieve our goals through selective fundraising efforts. Human capital investment to support all of the Foundation and its target charities will be provided on a 100% voluntary basis.
Working capital to achieve our goals.