Raised for Nonprofits

Coppell Lions Club Foundation, Inc.

Coppell Lions Club Foundation, Inc. is to serve those in the community and the world who are in need, specifically with focus on the youth and elderly. We provide vision care and food for the needy in our community. We support many initiatives that provide services for young people with physical disabilities. We teach service to the youth of our community and provide scholarships to graduating seniors. Our four primary focus areas are: Vision Care, Hunger, Environment & Youth.
Our pet project this year is Lions Kids Sight USA--Community Eye Screening for Children. We provide screening for children 6 months to 6 years of age. Vision problems undetected up to age 7 can become permanent. Why is vision screening important? The first few years of a child's life are critical in the development of good vision. Children should have their vision checked for issues such as misaligned eyes, and problems that need correction with eyeglasses. These problems are not always evident by simply looking at a child. Young children often compensate for vision problems so well that parents, teachers, and pediatricians are unaware of a problem. Many common vision robbing conditions such a lazy eye can be effectively treated if detected in a child's formative year. Coppell Lions Club, in conjunction with other Lions Clubs, off this screening free of charge to children.