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C.R. Smith Museum

The American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum preserves the history of American Airlines and interprets the air transportation industry. Through its activities, the museum serves active and retired and interested members of the general public. Because of the museum's commitment to education and STEM education, its exhibits stress hands-on learning through hands-on displays. The museum collects artifacts and archival materials that are suitable for its educational and exhibit programs.
All funds raised will go towards the Museum's Flight Workshop STEM Education Program. The Museum would like to expand and grow its flagship Flight Workshop STEM education program by providing educational opportunities for up to 7,000 disadvantaged youth at no cost for grades 1-10. This would include: Flight Workshop for grades 1- 6, scholarships to youth to attend the Museum's summer camps, second annual Girls Soar Aviation Day as well as expand the offerings by developing additional career driven content for grades 7-10. The Flight Workshop continues to be a popular hands-on education program about the history, science, engineering and careers behind flight, offered both in an in-house and outreach format. It utilizes nationally recognized curriculum from Curiosity Machine & PBS Learning to target schools, homeschools, and families who are visiting the Museum. The Museum would also like to build on this success by developing additional program content that features actual aviation jobs and careers in a real world, interactive simulation for grades 7-10. We will consult with teachers and industry experts to ensure the authenticity of the simulation while also ensuring relevance to the school's needs.