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Cry Havoc Theater Company

Cry Havoc Theater Company challenges audience expectations of what youth theatre is. We are uncompromising in our belief that young people have the intellectual appetite and emotional maturity to tackle complex, provocative material. And we are dedicated to providing serious (and seriously talented) young people the opportunity to create artistically viable theatre under the direction of professional artists, regardless of their financial means.
All money raised will go toward Cry Havoc's 2017-2018 mainstage season of new work. In January 2018, Cry Havoc will work with a guest director to create a new work that will be presented at the Margo Jones Theatre in Fair Park. Plans for this production are still underway. In July 2018, Cry Havoc's production of BABEL, directed by Mara Richards Bim, will be part of the ATTPAC Elevator Series. This new documentary theatre piece follows the successful run of SHOTS FIRED (about the 2016 Dallas Police shootings). With BABEL, Cry Havoc Theater Company will examine the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. The company will travel locally and nationally collecting interviews from voices on multiple sides of the gun ownership debate. Those interviews, along with the teens' reflections on them, will offer a glimpse into the emotionally charged, national conversation.