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Cynthia Mickens Ministries, Inc.

Cynthia Mickens Ministries, Inc. is a Texas 501(c) non-profit organization created to equip, empower, and coach individuals to living the life they were created to live. This is accomplished through a variety of programs and services including safe supportive housing for single mothers with young children. Our core program is the Path~Way to Purpose(R) course. Phase I, is a 12-week guided study to discovery of purpose. Phase II, My Life Strategic Plan is a 12-week course that provides coaching for writing a tactical plan to accomplish their goals and because 38% of graduate started a business, Phase III, Practical Tools to Starting a Business, is a 12-week course that assist individuals we creating a strong business structure.
To increase our capacity to serve, Cynthia Mickens Ministries, Inc. is seeking donations to expand our residential housing program and to increase the numbers served through the Path~Way to Purpose(R) Course. We also seek $500,000 to build a new multi-purpose building. The current building is very old and plans are to replace with a state of the art facility that includes a technology lab for after school programs and full service ktichen to provide healthy meals to our community. The new building would include classrooms for teaching courses such as how to grow and prepare healthy meals. Additionally, the new building will include partners such as a small grocery store to provide healthy foods to this community, fitness center/gym, and social services.