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Dallas Academy

Dallas Academy restores the promise of full academic enrichment to students with learning differences. We establish a meaningful connection with each student to overcome barriers to success.
Dallas Academy offers students and parents the best of both worlds by providing an effective program and strategies to meet the special educational needs of bright students in the first through twelfth grades with learning differences, while including the activities of a larger, more traditional school. For fifty years, Dallas Academy has offered a structured, multisensory program for students to achieve success both in and out of the classroom. Organizational skills, self-discipline, time management, and solid academics instill students with genuine self-esteem. Students are mentored by a dedicated, experienced staff of teachers who continuously raise expectations while providing the tools and support necessary for success. Every student on campus is known by all teachers, making it easy for students to be encouraged, praised, and guided toward achieving their goals. Dallas Academy seeks funding for scholarships to help students attend and as well as funding to improve student services.